30 May 2018

Shirimatunda: This Could Be An Enchantment


Some places have a way of making you feel small and grateful for life at the same go. Shirimatunda does just that.  If you are Tanzanian, ever been in Tanzania or are planning to visit Tanzania, then you will or have probaly had a taste of Shirimatunda anytime you drank Kilimanjaro bottled water.

Kilimanjaro water is one of the widely distributed bottled water in Tanzania known for it's high quality. And it is source from springs on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, right here at Shirimatunda.  

I have been to many places in Tanzania and one word to describe Shirimatunda would be life. Everything about this place screamed life back at me. From the springs, the flowing river cutting through a humming forest full of massive trees that make all your problems seem so little.  

Everything about this chemchem (Swahili word for spring) made my heart come alive, I felt like I was walking into life itself, with light streaming in from the heavens and nothing but butterflies, trees older than my great grandmother and water that originally fell as snow or rain on top of Africa's highest mountain, Kilimanjaro - that you could see before walking into the forest.

Could this be an enchantment?


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